Michael Martin Translations

German - English

A full-time translator since 2007, I offer German-to-English translation services to individuals, companies, and agencies anywhere in the world. My expertise lies in corporate communications and compliance, business, marketing, and creative translation in many shapes and forms.

From that list, creative translation is my top favorite. At its simplest, it demands a focus on the message, not the meaning. For this, or arguably any other type of translation, it’s frequently less helpful to “explain” the German source text than to “imagine” how members of the target culture would express the same ideas without any influence or transfer from German.

Another core aspect of that approach is that it nudges translators towards constructing their own linguistic visions without getting derailed by other people’s input. What’s more, when you have your own vision, there will never be a reason to crowdsource any of your translations. As for me, not only do I take pride in my ideas, I also love challenges that others shy away from because there are no scripted ways of handling them. For instance, I am always interested in queries that cannot be resolved by looking things up in dictionaries and glossaries. Perhaps it is true that even more valuable than expertise in a specific domain is the intellectual agility to do research and find solutions on unfamiliar terrain.

After all, translation is a hands-on skill. It's not about what you know but about what you can do. If I were looking to hire somebody for a translation job, I’d be more interested in seeing real work samples than comments and postings on LinkedIn. So please visit my portfolio section often, as I will post new samples on a regular basis. What better way to determine whether I’d be a good fit for your translation needs?